High Quality Cuisine

The raw ingredients used in our dishes are chosen with almost obsessive care, and represent the best of what the markets of Rome and Italy more generally have to offer, with some transalpine elements included for when nothing else will do.

We have always given the utmost attention and care to our ingredients. We are proud to say that all our dishes, including our fried dishes, are made with extra virgin olive oil; we use butter from Normandy; we do not use any frozen products: simply put, we cook seasonally and use products that are sold daily in the markets.

The result is a light and tasty cuisine that leaves you room to be tempted after lunch by one of our desserts– they are like a tonic to the soul.

Indeed, any purists should take note of our selection of desserts, which by word of mouth have quickly gained a sizeable reputation: the choice includes torta Babette. This highly secret recipe has been a top draw for many guests, who have insisted it remain on the dessert menu no matter the season. For those with classic tastes, our Tarte Tatin is so faithful to the traditional French version that some who have tasted it say that it gives the Tatin sisters a run for their money.

In summary, from starter to dessert, our stated aim is to offer all our guests an experience that they would happily repeat