Imagine an elegant and a bit out-of-time home, in Rome or Milan, in Palermo, or in Naples’ Vomero. The light is soft, the colors measured by time and encounters. Books, many of them. Here and there signs of beauty and contemporary art. The air smells of thyme and bread. Who lives there likes to take care of herself and those around her.
Yes, it’s a she, this is Babette.

Babette is the sum of the imagination, ability and experience of Flora and Silvia, the masters of the house that every day, in the dining room and in the kitchen, dedicate to their guests the attention that in every urbane house in Italy was once reserved to the family’s friends. The cuisine is that of the elegant parties, of the jealously kept family recipes. Shopping is done with passion and knowledge, listening, watching, smelling. Then the choice is made. The dishes are studied in detail, the execution is meticulous. The wines are wisely selected, even those “of the house” or by the glass, the service is tailored to be in harmony with the cuisine. Presence and discretion, intelligence and warmth. They still exist.

New Year’s Eve Menu 2017