About us

Try to imagine an elegant and timeless building, where the light is delicate, and the colours have been mixed by encounters and the passage of time. You’ll find items of beauty and modern art dotted around here and there, and books aplenty. The aroma of bread and thyme hang in the air. The house knows how to nurture its inhabitants and visitors. Undoubtedly, this building is a she, and she is called Babette.


Babette is the ultimate expression of owners, Flora and Silvia’s imagination, flair and experience. Both in the kitchen and in the restaurant, they continually show their guests attentive consideration and care.

The cuisine is based on secret family recipes, fit for special occasions.
With passion and expertise they source their ingredients; letting their senses guide them, they make their selection. The dishes are carefully prepared and meticulously executed down to the smallest detail.


The wines have been sensitively chosen – even the house wines and those served by the glass. The service is similarly discreet.

We try to create the most tranquil atmosphere possible, keeping the noise and chaos far away. We like to be discreet, and do everything we can to make our guests feel free to talk and listen in their own intimate space.


Attentiveness and discretion, intelligence and warmth. You will find them here.